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Could your pooch use a Fun Feeder Mat? Do they scoff their food in seconds? Well these might be the thing to help them out. Like with the slow feeders, you can use these Fun Feeder mats to slow a pooches eating whilst entertaining them at the same time. Simply put dry kibble or treats in the groves on the mat and serve it up. Because of the deep grooves your pooch will spend more time trying to retrieve their food, therefore slowing down their eating.

If your pooch is eating too fast they could choke or gag on their food. If they swallow food whole without chewing, the pieces could get stuck in their throat. When they gulp their food too quickly, they also swallow air along with their meal. Food and air expand in the stomach causing pain and discomfort. The food and air mix together in the stomach and can cause your dog to vomit or regurgitate.

So the best thing is prevention instead of cure. These are now available at Deep Blue Aquarium and Pet Supplies, so SLOW DOWN their eating with a FUN FEEDER MAT and you and your pooch will live a happier healthier life.