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Our Range is Expanding. At Deep Blue Aquariums and Pet Supplies we have been receiving a lot of feedback from customers about the type of store we are, along the lines of “We thought you just sold fish and aquariums”. Well just between you and me, we sell a lot more than just fish and aquariums, and that range is about to get even bigger.

Over the next couple of weeks you will notice the shop will be moved around. We are hoping to do the bulk of this while the shop is closed, but for those that have tried moving stuff around before, will know that this doesn’t always go to plan, so we ask for your patience and understanding while this takes place. We will still be trading during this time, but it may be at a limited level.

After the move is complete, it will give us more room and will allow us to stock a larger range of products that Tammy (Not Me) has ordered. The ranges we will be expanding are our Reptile, Dog, Cat, Bird, Small Animal, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquascaping and Corals. There is also a whisper of horse products making its way into the store. Along with anything else our lovely customers ask for along the way. Even know it will be chaos for the next few weeks we will make it worth the wait in the long run.