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At Deep Blue Aquariums and Pet Supplies we have been working hard with our cricket suppliers to be able to bring you the best quality live foods for your pets, that anyone can. With our climate so different to the needs of these Crickets, it’s been a challenge keeping these critters happy and healthy all year round, therefore we have working closely with suppliers to help condition and acclimatize these critters as best as we can(especially through the colder months) and it has helped to no end.

One thing to try is if you’re not using all your crickets, try refreshing their food source (some sweet potato, potato, apple, orange, carrot) along with gut load to help keep their nutritional content up, so when you feed them to your pets, your pets are getting exactly what they need. Just make sure that you are removing any old rotting food to stop it going moldy (definitely not good for your crickets). This will stop wasting uneaten dead crickets, saving you money in the long run.

With this warmer weather we have been receiving you might find your reptiles starting to stir and wake. Be assured here at Deep Blue Aquariums and Pet Supplies we have fresh crickets stocked year round. We do this by ordering crickets twice weekly (normally arriving Tuesday and Friday afternoons weather permitting). So Remember a healthy pet is a happy pet.